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OKTOBERFEST 2019 Check this one-of-a-kind experience off your bucket list!

Oktoberfest is the largest and most famous beer and folk festival in the world. Each year, over six million people venture to Munich, Germany to experience the best of Bavarian beer, fare and music, and this year with our exclusive Oktoberfest packages, you can be one of them.

Oktoberfest Package

$219 per person
To book, contact your Travel Advisor or call our Reservations team at 1-800-883-8785.

Oktoberfest Ferris Wheel
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What's Included?

  • Roundtrip transfer to Munich by train.
  • Two reserved tables for the group under a tent.
  • Your choice of a chicken or vegetarian entrée.
  • Brotzeit brettl plate for the table (traditional Bavarian snacks).
  • One 2-liter beer (additional drinks at your own cost).

Fun Facts

  • Contrary to its name, Oktoberfest actually starts in September because the weather is better.
  • The very first Oktoberfest was in 1810.
  • Oktoberfest today is the largest beer festival in the world and only Munich breweries are allowed to sell their beer in the tents.
  • Besides the beer tents there is a large amusement park and also traditional funfairs like a flea circus.
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Experience Oktoberfest on:

On the following sailing dates: September 28 and October 5