Onboard LifeWe understand if you don’t want to get off.
It's fun onboard..

There is plenty of fun to be had onshore, but your time onboard will be just as exciting. Our lineup of daily activities and events were all created with U in mind.

Paint and Wine

On days we’re docked in a picture-perfect location, head to the top deck for a painting class and create your very own masterpiece. You bring your artistic side. We’ll bring the wine and supplies.

Mixology Class

What’s the secret for getting the smoke-infused flavor into your smoky bourbon cocktail? Our master bartenders will show you.

Chef's Cooking Classes

Join our Chef as he takes you through a multi-course cooking class. Afterwards, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor. Or the appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Silent Disco

If you’ve never been, now is the time. Our resident DJ runs the party and everyone wears headphones in sync with the music. But just take them off to chat with your friends. It’s sophistication meets party jams.

Stay Connected

A week without Wifi sounds terrifying and we’d never do that to you. Onboard, you’ll enjoy complimentary Wifi access all across the ship. You’ll also have access to news and info through a free PressReader app so you can keep up with the world. If you so choose.


Find your center with a complimentary morning top-deck yoga session, led by the ship’s wellness coach. The views are sure to help with the meditation.