What’s it like cruising with U? See for yourself!Check out our videos below.

U River Cruises - See Europe the Fun Way

River cruising will never be the same. It's time to do Europe the fun way with a full on, activity packed, culturally immersive, social and active travel experience.

Welcome to TTC: We Make Travel Personal

Along with The Red Carnation Hotel Collection, Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold, Contiki, Trafalgar, Uniworld and dozens of other award-winning niche travel ...

U - The TreadRight Foundation Wildlife Project in India

When you travel with U you are helping to support elephant welfare awareness in India through our partnership with The TreadRight Foundation and Wildlife ...

U - The TreadRight Foundation People Project in Jordan

When you travel with U you are helping to support local communities in Jordan through our partnership with The TreadRight Foundation. See how you can make ...

U by U - Do it your way

Going on a cruise but want to do your own thing? Go for it! Head out and explore a new city on your own or with your friends. We dock in city centers so you'll be ...

U by U - Mornings with U

Wasn't a morning person until I met U #TravelforU.

U by U - Welcome to The A

Cruise life has never been so good! #TravelforU.

U by U - The U Value

Staying on a stylish, floating hotel with farm-to-table restaurants, local entertainment and several activities – all included is an incredible value vs. staying in a ...

U by U - The Trailer

Coming soon to the rivers of Europe... A new way for U to see the world! #TravelforU.

U by U - Traveling Together is Better

Get ready to have fun, meet new people and go on endless adventures with U! #TravelforU.

U by U - Tastebuds

Experience Europe through your tastebuds. #TravelforU.

U by U - Onboard Life

Life onboard U is such a good time, you may never want to get off the ship! #TravelforU.